At-mc101xl 100base Tx To 100base Fx Fast Ethernet Media Converter 2km With St Fiber Connector

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At-mc101xl 100base Tx To 100base Fx Fast Ethernet Media Converter 2km With St Fiber Connector

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£54.57 (Excl VAT)
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Brand : ALLIED TELESIS Part Number : AT-MC101XL-60


The Allied Telesyn range of Fast Ethernet media converters provides a complete family of conversion devices, allowing users to extend the size of UTP networks with the use of fibre cabling. Supporting all major fibre connectors, with support for multi and single−mode fibre, these converters can be used to extend networks with up to 2km of fibre.


19" Device is 19" rackmountable with standard or optional mounting accessories.
−48V DC Device support −48V DC operation
ACPI Automatic power management for 'Green' computers
Alarms Alarms generated by firewall as a result of unauthorised access
Analog Serial ports for external modems
AO/DI Device provides permanently available ISDN access using the D−channel.
AppleTalk Device supports for Apple Macintosh
Async Asynchronous port (Rs232 only) Cannot connect external modems
Authen Authentication
AutoNego Device supports 10/100 and half/full−duplex auto−negotiation.
AutoSense Device supports 10/100 automatic speed sensing
BACP Intelligent aggregation of both B−channels to give 128kbps
Callback Callback initiated to the caller by the called number
CAPI Support Common Application Polarity Interface
Cascade Ability to link together Hubs and Switches
Chap Challenge handshake Authentication Protocol
CLI Calling line identification
Compression Device provides up to 8:1 data compression for greater throughput
Console RS232C configuration port
CoS Class of Service
Cut Thru Device employs Cut Through Switching mode.
Decnet Protocol developed by digital Equipment Corporation
DHCP Device supports BOOTP or TFTP for software downloads
Dial in Product supports incoming connection
Download Device automatically assigns IP addresses to attached PCs
DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
Encryption DES & 3DES encryption
Ext Pwr External power adapter
Filter Filters packets between the local network and back bone and stops sending unnecessary packets to the entire network to reduce traffic.
Firewall Software filter to stop unwanted user access
Frame relay Frame relay is a telecommunication service based on fast packet technology
Full Dplx Device supports full−duplex data transmission.
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