Shipping and Delivery - Basic Guidelines

Your Order At Your Door Step

We utilize FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL to ship all our packages so that you can enjoy efficiently processing your orders in the USA and internationally, but If the weight of your order is less than 45 kilograms then the recommended fastest and most convenient medium is Express and for heavier items other services can be utilizable. Air Cargos can save money and provide the fastest shipping time.

Easy Way to Trace the Order

Our clients are enjoying the protected and secure shipment after availing the facility of insurance on the ordered item. Now customers can track the location of their order and get satisfied by tracing them effortlessly. Once the order is sent, the user gets notified through email, and the status of the departed item is visible and transparent.

Free-of-Cost Shipping

Our premium customers who are purchasing in bulk and ordering over $ 5,000 will able to enjoy Free-of-Cost shipping but we consider the weight and volume of the product, and new applicable charges may apply according to the order. So please read all the terms and conditions before placing the order and contact us for an inquiry about the exact shipping time. An informed choice can avoid the distaste in customer-vendor relations.

Time Calculation

We know that time is money and this phrase actually goes with our users we must send orders in less than three days. Still, Networking Arts are the symbol of excellence and go above and beyond the limitations, so we are obliged to tell you we calculate the time on two parameters, one is collecting time of item and other one is the real processing time. The shipping time entirely depends on the area.

Special Orders

Delivery times can differ for special orders or items that require custom manufacturing. We want to inform you that the delivery time frame can be extended to accommodate the unique production process.

Unclaimed Shipments or Incorrect Addresses

Unclaimed shipments will be calculated based on your initial shipment cost, including all taxes. If the package needs to be sent again, a new shipping charge will apply. For further details, the Networking Arts team can be very helpful and inform you with up-to-date data.

Holiday Seasonal Delays & Setbacks

During holidays, Joy and celebrations bring little challenges, and the surge in online shopping and increased demand for courier or postal services reinforce the workload and this rush might cause delivery delays. For our user information, these delays can be due to weather-related delays, last-hour rush, holiday surcharges, or Shipping carrier delays Our team works best for your convenience and manages to prevent you from unnecessary frustration. You can expect your order to be received within 3 to 7 working days, assuming our chosen shipping service providers maintain their scheduled delivery dates. If you want your order to arrive quickly, Our technical team is available to solve your queries 365 days.

Contact Us

IT professionals and social media managers are highly active in networking arts and can quickly get back to you with definite answers to your queries. You can approach us on the given details.