Switchblade Central Fabric Controler 400gbps

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Switchblade Central Fabric Controler 400gbps

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£7,245.33 (Excl VAT)
£8,694.39 (incl. VAT)

Brand : ALLIED TELESIS Part Number : AT-SBX81CFC400


The SwitchBlade x8112 is a 12-slot Advanced Layer 3+ chassis switch designed to deliver high availability, wire-speed performance, and a high port count. Allied Telesis advanced features make it the ideal solution for the modern enterprise network where resiliency, reliability and high performance are the key requirements. The Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8112 is a high performing scalable solution, providing an extensive range of connectivity options. Dual control cards are partnered with 10 line card slots. Gigabit and 10 Gigabit line card options ensure a system capable of meeting the requirements of today's networks, and the flexibility to expand when required. The SwitchBlade x8112 features 80Gbps non-blocking throughput to each line card slot, providing maximum performance and wirespeed delivery of all your critical IPv4 traffic (IPv6 to be supported in a future software release). Maximum availability of premium services and applications is effortless, with industry leading Quality of Service (QoS) features managing network responsiveness. The SwitchBlade x8112 operates with one system PSU, and installing a second loadsharing PSU provides ultimate redundancy. Two Power over Ethernet (PoE) PSUs can also be installed to maximize power available to connected devices. Dual redundant control cards inter-connect through redundant paths to the line cards over a passive backplane. Control cards, line cards, power supplies and the fan tray are all hot-swappable to minimize downtime when performing maintenance or upgrading the system. To provide a high-speed solution where recovery occurs within as little as 50ms, SwitchBlade x8112 switches can be deployed in a ring-based topology, with the protected ring running at up to 10Gbps. This high performing resilient design for distributed networks is made possible with Allied Telesis Ethernet Protection Switching Ring (EPSRing) technology.

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